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BRAND GROWTH HEROES is the 5 star podcast that shares the inside track from clever people who have driven transformational growth in consumer goods categories

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Fiona speaks to CEOs and founders of insurgent brands in consumer packaged goods to hear how they’ve driven their businesses’ success.

Interviews include serial investors and entrepreneurs Giles Brook and James Averdieck, and the Founders and CEOs of brands such as Tony’s Chocolonley, Loop, Ugly Drinks, VitHit

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25% rest of world

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Suppliers to scaling brands such as legal, financial, sales & marketing agencies

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Access to engaged following of next cohort of successful scaling brands

One of the most creative and brilliant educators I have ever come across”
Prof. Damien McLoughlin
Marketing School Head, UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School ; Visiting Professor, Stern School of Business at NYU
I feel like I should be paying thousands of dollars in an MBA to get some of these insights”
Killian Lee
Pernod Ricard USA