Workshops That Develop Your Team's Capabilities in Driving Profitable Growth

You're responsible for ensuring that solid growth happens fast, and profitably. Are your people and ways of working ready?

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Managing a fast-growing business...whilst driving growth, is not always easy.

Fiona has 12 years experience working with scaling brands, established corporates, national development agencies and private business accelerators, developing the capabilities and mindsets required to drive transformational growth.

How it works

  • WORKSHOPS: co-design a bespoke, one-off workshop to address a particular capability gap identified and develop the capabilities of your people/the entrepreneurs you are tasked with helping.
  • PROGRAMMES: co-design an entire programme addressing to lift a number of different capabilities associated with driving profitable growth.
  • LEARNING LUNCHES: customise our off-the-shelf 'Driving Transformational Growth' learning lunch series, and stimulate solution-oriented thinking around driving profitable growth.
  • ONLINE: All workshops and programmes delivered online in an engaging and participative way.
  • National Development Agencies or a Private Business Accelerators:  click here to see how Fiona can add value to your offer.

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Contact Fiona to talk through your requirements and co-create your brief.

Who’s it for

Scaling brands

Established corporates

Private or government body business accelerators

Immediate benefits

Step-change the mindsets, capabilities, ways of working & processes that your business needs to drive transformational growth.

Why you should work with Fiona Fitz

years blue-chip CPG & global
consulting firms
years developing & delivering leading business accelerator programmes
scaling start-ups mentored
years lecturing brand & business strategy at Ireland's leading graduate business school
Brand Growth Heroes podcasts - in-depth interviews with leaders of insurgent brands
One of the most creative and brilliant educators I have ever come across”
Prof. Damien McLoughlin
Marketing School Head, UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School ; Visiting Professor, Stern School of Business at NYU
I feel like I should be paying thousands of dollars in an MBA to get some of these insights”
Killian Lee
Pernod Ricard USA