'We help clever food businesses to identify and drive growth by up-skilling their people and optimising the way they work.'

Who We Help

Large Food Companies

Companies looking to understand the drivers of transformational growth for insurgent brands in food categories.

Established Food Businesses

Businesses who need to identify and deliver profitable growth at home or abroad.

Scaling Food Businesses

Businesses who are recognising the time has come to optimise how their people & processes work.

State Agencies

Agencies responsible for enabling the growth of national food businesses

How We help

Over the past 5 years, I’ve moved away from the traditional model of consulting where a Growth Question is defined and agreed between the consultant and the business leaders…then a recommendation is made by the consultant - with minimal meaningful input from the team who will need to action it.

Instead, I work with the right people in your business – usually a cross-functional team of your leaders and future leaders. Together, we co-define the work to be done to answer the Growth Question put to us by the leadership, and we carry it out together. Under my guidance, mentorship and coaching, and the sponsorship of a senior business leader or Founder, your team learns how to do the consultant’s job themselves.

This means that at the end of the contract, your team has real ownership of the recommendation that they are making, a ton of new market insights, a new set of growth-driving competencies and a confident spring in their step. Most importantly, they are now equipped to make a recommendation on the next Growth Question themselves.

New skills that will be acquired include Opportunity Identification, Commercial Marketing Strategy design, Strategic Project Management, Stakeholder Management, designing and communicating clear recommendations

Techniques used:

  • Growth Workshops and Growth Project Charters

  • Mentoring & Coaching: both team and individual.

  • Bespoke Capability Programme design and delivery

  • Motivational speaking and podcast interviews with industry leaders

Experience drawn from 20+ years across
  • Commercial Marketing Strategy Development 
  • Brand Development & Brand Management
  • Category Management
  • Consumer & Shopper Research & insight development 
  • Retail Grocery & Foodservice Sales & Account Management
  • Management of Creative Agencies, Distributors, Supply Chain partners, Co-manufacturers.
  • Domestic and International Negotiation
  • General Management of Food Businesses
  • Project Management People Management
  • Understanding of food business commercials
  • New Product Development and associated best practice innovation processes